What is a Back Order? How does it work?

What is a Back Order? How does it work?

Back Order????? Ha?  How does it work??

Well, Since I have the best customers in the world we’ve grown big enough to now start shipping by sea!

There will be a little transition/ growing pains whilst we learn to drive our little company in new places but I’ve been so grateful in how you all support the process of having a piece of art handcrafted from the other side of the world…. These really are something worth waiting for…

Back Order is now activated on our champion style boots. I’ve collected the data and now rather than wanting your dream boots and you keep missing out you get to secure a pair!

All Back Orders are collated prior to ordering and they are allocated to you. The remaining stock that goes into production is available for Pre-Order before it arrives but believe it or not so many of our boots sell out during Pre- Order and there’s none left to sell in store when they arrive!!!!

After listening to so many of you I’ve decided to try this and see if it helps.


So now order your dream boots with peace of mind that once they’ve been crafted in Mexcio by the best at the Caborca factory and shipped across the seas they will live happily ever after on your feet collecting adventures xxxx

Please email if you need any more info on Back-Ordering


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