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Happiness comes to each of us in a variety of ways… For us right now it’s celebrating almost 8years as a unique, gorgeous space to showcase what we love most!! Boots! If you drive down Memorial Drive Eumundi you can not miss the classic charm of our flagship store. The

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Cowboys & Indians Magazine

Anything is possible…   Have you ever had dreams that everyone thought were a little left on center? For all of you who don’t know I was a primary school teacher before I created Agave Blue. Creating Agave Blue was a rebirth for my soul. Most of you reading this

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What is a Back Order? How does it work?

Back Order????? Ha?  How does it work?? Well, Since I have the best customers in the world we’ve grown big enough to now start shipping by sea! There will be a little transition/ growing pains whilst we learn to drive our little company in new places but I’ve been so

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Why Pre Order??

Pre-Ordering can feel a little new to the way you usually shop online. However, the stunning products we source for you are all HANDCRAFTED and these artisan skilled pieces take time. To ensure we have a flow of product to offer you we sometimes have to promote them as a

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Lane Boots

The Perfect Fit!

It might sound a little strange when I tell you that the boots we sell are NOT shoes! There’s quite a lot of science involved in the ” PERFECT FIT” for your boots. For too long there’s been a misconception about the fit of handcrafted boots. The rumor spread and

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