Our Story

Live one step at a time

Our story is a humble one. A story born from my humble love of creative humans crafting stunning pieces with their hands, for me translated into boots. Boots are more than “shoes,” they have strong foundations nailed by hand that comfortably stand the test of time. Time amplifies their beauty as your boots are with you through decades, I find this a romantic notion. A piece of art worn over decades that you love that reflects a piece of your free heart.

There’s a little bit of freedom in rockin’ in a gorgeous pair of boots you know have been handcrafted by an artisan from Mexico. A master craftsperson that embellished the boots you’re wearing with embroidery, beads, studs, hand tooling and a variety of other techniques so you can wear a piece of art.

Agave blue product stand at markets
Caborca family

A piece of my heart belongs to Mexico. I have met and developed lasting relationships with the artisans who craft our stunning boots and they are divine. I recently visited the Caborca Factory where I was invited to share lunch with the workers in their lunchroom and was amazed as I could barely hear my husband sitting across from me because the lunchroom was filled with so much laughter and joy!

This was such an important experience for me, to share in their joy and passion for what they do because I believe you must follow your heart., it knows the way.

I hope you find peace knowing your boots are made by craftsmen and women who have happy hearts and have immense pride in what they create. I’m grateful that I followed mine and it lead me to the Caborca family. Mr Luis, Alvaro, Juana (my angel) and the team are bringing my dream to life, Agave Blue’s original brand of boots.

My love of boots goes waayy back. There’s a photo of me when I’m 17, I’m wearing a white handkerchief dress and my boots! My Dad thought it was just a phase I was going through but, here I am, now in my 40’s and still wearing my boots with dresses!

I hope you honour your love of boots and perhaps our Agave Blue boots will be the ones you have over many decades whilst you’re creating your own story.