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The Perfect Fit!

It might sound a little strange when I tell you that the boots we sell are NOT shoes!

There’s quite a lot of science involved in the ” PERFECT FIT” for your boots.

For too long there’s been a misconception about the fit of handcrafted boots. The rumor spread and stuck that you have to “BREAK THEM IN” arrrrrhhhhgggg!!


Let me clarify how you can ensure you buy a slipper v’s buying a cheese grater 🙂

Ok, all handcrafted boots have the toe lifted a little at the front. This is called a SPRINT.

Without a SPRINT the boot would be flat on the ground and as the sole is inflexible you would have a flipper effect and you would probably trip over your own feet when you walked.

So….. as the sole has NO flex, as you walk the SPRINT accommodates your natural gait like that of a rocking chair/horse. This means the ONLY place you have movement when you walk (so you look like a regular human not from some other planet) is in the HEEL of the boot.

It is CRITICAL that you feel the heel slip up and down as you walk.

THE PERFECT FIT is tight, firm and snug across the width and instep of the boot and slipping in the heel (flippy floppy is my technical term). This is what I call the SLIPPER fit.

If you’re looking for that good old fashioned BREAK IN fit, or as I call it THE CHEESE GRATER feel then you’re all pushed into your boots and there’s no movement in you heel when you walk. Enjoy that!! You’ve just purchased boots that are handcrafted by legend crafts persons that made a product if looked after should last a life time… So enjoy that cheese grater ripping skin off your heel every step you take feeling! You WON’T BREAK THAT IN 🙂

So beautiful people…. If you’ve purchased stunning boots off us and you feel the slipping in your heel have peace of mind that’s what you want. DO NOT exchange them for a smaller size where you are exchanging your slipper for a cheese grater xxxxx


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