Why Pre Order??

Why Pre Order??

Pre-Ordering can feel a little new to the way you usually shop online. However, the stunning products we source for you are all HANDCRAFTED and these artisan skilled pieces take time. To ensure we have a flow of product to offer you we sometimes have to promote them as a PRE ORDER. To keep the wheel turning.

Obviously the main concern people have when they are thinking of PRE ORDERING is … “What if the product I order doesn’t fit me? What happens to my purchase amount?”

You have nothing to fear. PRE ORDERING just means you will be allocated the boots you love rather than taking the risk your size will sell out before they even arrive in Australia. Our Returns policy backs you up. You can find it in the RESOURCE link on our website.

Yes… This is common and already in this shipment some styles have sold out of some sizes and they’re still in production phase!!!

I guess I have all to thank for the best problem ever…. But just know you’re safe in our hands and we love that we have inspired so many new collectors of incredible handcrafted pieces of quality and beauty.


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